Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who would have thought

Too busy to post! I promised myself and you that this blog would never be personal, and it won't. So I will I spare and not share the details of my busy artist life. But lets just say as the art is booming the blog is not. So I apologize and will get my ass in gear to report my raw recipe adventures. Lately with my uber busy schedule I have not been eating much at home or totally raw therefore. What I have manged to do is impact one of my friends to try a Raw Diva Detox. There is one starting this Saturday, and although I wasn't planning on doing it she convinced me to do it with her! Just what I needed, a friends support to keep me grounded and raw. So keep blogging because I will keep you posted on the culinary delights of the the detox.




Charissa said...

Guess what? I have nominated you!!! For the insirational blogger award. Check it out at

Keep blogging and the good work!

outsourcingtoindia said...


My name is Prabhu, I work with Dhrumil at

We're collecting the contact emails of people in the raw food community and I was hoping you could send me yours. Would you mind shoot me an email at

The reason I'm asking for it is that Dhrumil and the team at We Like It Raw are trying to unite all the bloggers with a common sub-site.